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Lead time: Approximately 8 weeks



The most longed-for comfort becomes reality. This meticulously designed sofa satisfies the desire for a kind of relaxation never experienced before.

The Obacca features Triple-Motion technology, providing three independent, electrically-operated motion mechanisms for each seat. These allow the person in each seat to adjust the position of the seat cushion, backrest, footrest and headrest according to their own preferences.

This modular and functional Sofa comes equipped with a USB port for connecting your devices and a comfortable lower back support.

This Sofa is available to purchase online in a Cat.20 Leather in the colours as shown. However, other leather grades and colours are available to purchase in store.


 H cmW cmD cm
Small Sofa97168100
Medium Sofa97208100
Large Sofa97231100
Motorised Reclining Armchair97107100-158
Motorised Reclining Small Sofa97190100-158
Motorised Reclining Medium Sofa97210100-158
Motorised Reclining Large Sofa97233100-158
Small One Arm Unit9785100
Large One Arm Unit9797100
Small Motorised One Arm Unit9785100-158
Large Motorised One Arm Unit9797100-158
Small Armless Unit9763100
Large Armless Unit9776100
Small Motorised Armless Unit9763100-158
Large Motorised Armless Unit9776100-158
Chaise Unit9797159