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Ercol Chairs, Sofas, Dining Chairs & Tables

We are currently uploading our Ercol furniture products to this page, more to follow shortly.

Professional design has always been at the heart of Ercol since it was established in 1920, by a young Italian, Lucian Ercolani.

Ercol has been designing and making quality furniture for nearly 100 years, during that time they have manufacturing partners around the world, as well as a state-of-the-art factory in England heated by a biomass boiler, fuelled by their wood waste and sawdust from the factory.

Rest assure that Ercol dining chairs, tables and sofas are always a 1st class product, only making their chairs and tables from high-quality timber which is sourced from around the world, designed to survive over the years before it needs replacing, which also helps with reducing waste.

Ercol is the best at combining practicality with looks and if you love this iconic furniture style, with there range of fabrics there will be something for you! You’ll be pleased to hear that you can bring this look into almost every room in your home, come look at our sets below, we have Quaker Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Bosco, Cosenza, Enna, Sofas, Teramo, Trieste for you to choose from. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Come and see us if you're in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester. Alternatively please ring us on 0115 953 6000 to see how we can help.