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Hambledon Corner Group

Lead time: Approximately 10 Weeks



The Bloxham features a sweeping ski arm creating a classic yet sophisticated collection. It comes on a solid wood plinth available in dark oak, light oak, ebony, walnut, wenge, smoked grey and graphite finishes. Foam seats with fibre wraps and fibre backs make it incredibly comfortable. Also available as a range of sofas.

Priced online in a grade 7 fabric, other fabric frade options can be purchased in store.


 H cmW cmD cm
Single Corner Unit85103103
170cm Corner Unit85170103
180cm Corner Unit85180103
190cm Corner Unit85190103
200cm Corner Unit85200103
229cm Corner Unit85229103
250cm Corner Unit85250103
270cm Corner Unit85270103
60cm Armless Unit8560103
98cm Armless Unit8598103
118cm Armless Unit85118103
139cm Armless Unit85139103
159cm Armless Unit85159103
179cm Armless Unit85179103
207cm Armless Unit85207103
72cm Unit (1 arm)8572103
110cm Unit (1 arm)85110103
128cm Unit (1 arm)85128103
150cm Unit (1 arm)85150103
171cm Unit (1 arm)85171103
192cm Unit (1 arm)85192103
220cm Unit (1 arm)85220103
Medium Footstool359060
Large Footstool3512275
Maxi Footstool35125105

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