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Hypnos Beds in Nottingham

Hypnos have a talent for creating comfortable beds that not only enhance your sleep and overall well-being, but help to make your bedroom a place of elegance and style. All Hypnos beds are made from sustainable materials that are soft and breathable, that comfort and support you while you sleep.

Hypnos craftsmen offer tailor-made beds and mattresses to suit all heights and weights ensuring the beds are just right for you to enjoy a relaxing sleep.
All Hypnos Beds combine pressure-relieving pocket spring systems with layers of the finest materials, making your nights sleep the best.

Hypnos proudly display the Royal coat of arms on all their beds, being suppliers to the Royal family their quality and service is recognised worldwide.

With over 100 years of bed manufacturing experience, the Hypnos philosophy focuses on the pursuit of perfection and the delivery of a deep natural sleep, helping to ensure a healthy life.

Hopewells have been selling Hypnos beds for many years and we stand by their quality and overall craftsmanship. They truly are one of the premier bed manufactures on the market.

Come and visit us if you're in Nottingham or if you're in any of the surrounding areas.