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Lead time: Approximately 8 weeks



Giove, a compact and functional sofa, was designed exactly with this feeling in mind. Great looks meet comfortable design and flawless technology, to enhance every moment of self-indulgence.

The Giove features motorised elements so you can adjust the head and footrests until you find a position you are most comfortable with.

Available to purchase online in a Cat. 20 Dream 20JH Cream leather, other leather grades and fabric options are available to purchase in store.


 H cmW cmD cm
Motorised Armchair79-98108106-162
Small Sofa79-98188106
Motorised Small Sofa79-98194106-159
Large Sofa79-98218106
Motorised Large Sofa79-98224106-159
Armchair - One Arm79-9897106
Armless Chair79-7870106
Large Armless Chair79-9885106
Large Chair - One Arm79-78112106
Chaise Longue79-98112170
Corner Wedge Seat79127127
Curved Connection Arm66-8348102
Straight Joining Arm66-8334102
Motorised Large Armless Chair79-9885106-159
Motorised Armless Chair79-9870106-159
Motorised Chair - One Arm79-9897106-159
Motorised Large Chair - One Arm79-98112106-159
Motorisied Chaise Longue79-9870106-159