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Himolla Brent reclining 3 seat sofa

Lead time: Approximately 8 weeks

£3149 £2349


The Himolla Brent is the ingenious sister design to the Brennand. Both designs are identical in appearance but the Brent has the added benefit of offering the wall hugging action of reclining. This means you need very little space (16cm) behind your sofa, even when fully reclined, as the whole action moves forward as it reclines... a very clever system indeed! The integral footrest unfolds from under the seat to give leg support and the back rest can be independently reclined to offer the perfect position you require. Available in either electronic or manual versions both with the extra head/neck function that allows you to pull forward or push back the head support. If you require a high back and the luxury of reclining along with a modern style, the Brent or sister model the Brennand are well worthy considering. Both designs are complimented by an individual chair offering the same full reclining functions and this is called the Brock.

Along with all the Himolla ranges, these German made items are made using highest quality materials and fine but robust Longlife leathers and also fabrics including the easy care Aquaclean range of fabrics. Himolla products come with a manufacturer 5 year guarantee*


 W cmD cmH cm
3 seat sofa20689107

Please note the arms can be adjusted, by folding up or down and when folded downards the overall width is approximately 220cm.

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