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Leather sofas

A quality leather sofa can offer the luxury of fabric but remain looking smart and clean at the same time, making it the most popular choice for most people wanting to invest in a quality sofa.

Our experienced consultants are on hand and happy to discuss the benefits of the different types of leather available. Many of our competitors use "split" hides for the arms, back and seat fronts, we are happy to confirm we will not! "Split" leather which is a by product from the tanning process, essentially the remaining part of the hide once the top surface has been removed. It does reduce the production cost of furniture and can be indistinguishable to full grain. However, quite quickly with normal use the "split" leather will deteriorate compared to full grain leather. We would advise not to be swayed by a slightly cheaper price when buying your sofa as in a very short time this can prove a false economy.

Come in store and try some of our leather sofas, you quickly see what makes our selection stand out compared to our competitors where volume of sale is the key. Exclusively in the area, we have leather sofas from the top British, German, Italian, French and Scandinavian suppliers to name just a few... and our prices will pleasantly surprise you, with our leather sofa (to order) prices starting at just £1089 and very often clearance offers at even less.

If you're in the Nottingham area, why dont you come on down and we will be very happy to help you find your perfect sofa!