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Ercol Romana Dining Furniture

Lead time: Approximately 8 weeks

£2200 £1649


Romana’s style is modern, including cabinets and sideboards with a low contemporary outline; but with subtle detailing and soft shapes the range remains understated. Detailing includes shaped legs, whose easy organic lines belie the complexity of manufacture. The shaped edge to the top panels echoes the softness of ercol’s vintage mid-century designs, but cut into the carcass it gives a streamlined feel to the silhouette.

A high level of craftsmanship is used in creating the organic shapes in the range. Complex construction is further evidenced in flush, sculpted curves across joints and in the close fit of the curved tops into the recessed tops of the cabinet carcasses.


 H cmW cmD cm
Small Extending Dining Table75110 -15590
Medium Extending Dining Table75155 - 20090
Large Extending Dining Table75210 - 275100
Dining Chair964657
Padded Back Dining Chair964658
Cantilvered Dining Chair904752
Small Sideboard7510845
2 Door Sideboard7510845
Large Sideboard7516045
Coffee Table4210050
Lamp Table604545
TV Unit5510845
Wide TV Unit5516045