Roset bookcase
Togo blue

The Hopewells Furniture galleries are accessed via a lift or stairs at 2nd floor level from our Huntingdon street store, a short bridge takes you into the 10,000 square feet gallery 2, where you will find a Stressless studio along with other contemporary modern collections. Half way along gallery 2 you can travel via the second lift or stairs up to another 10,000 square feet gallery 3, to see our more classically inspired ranges including Duresta amongst many others. Or you can travel downwards to yet another 10,000 square feet showroom for beds and bedrooms. Here you will see our Hulsta studio (one of the finest in the U.K.) along with bed collections from Hypnos, Tempur, Jensen, Relyon and Dunlopillo. Our divan bed range starts at £899 for a double bed, but do try our top of the range Hypnos divan just over £11,000, it is a very relaxing experience!