E300 by Stressless
E300 by Stressless 2
E300 by Stressless 3
E300 by Stressless 2LS

With soft curves, luxe cushioning and clean lines, the E300 lends an elegant twist to the modern sofa.

In addition to the design and quality that Stressless sofas are famous for, the E300 is equipped with the Stressless patented ErgoAdapt® system. Created by Stressless, ErgoAdapt allows the cushion of the sofa to tilt down automatically the moment you take a seat placing your body in the perfect sitting position.

The brilliance of ErgoAdapt is that if you prefer to lie down on your sofa, the cushion automatically elevates to a flat position, placing your body in the perfect lying position. The refined lines and sculpted proportions make the E300 the choice of those desiring very best of modern Scandinavian design.

  H cm W cm D cm
2 seat 73 184 97
3 seat 73 250 97
Longseat 73 262 190


Price: £2199
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