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Cosyform by Himolla uses the latest patented technology to provide the ultimate recliner. The Tobi recliner is available in 6 individual options, choose from either a small, medium or large size chair in overall dimensions, then choose from 2 widths. The patented integrated footrest is concealed under the seat and is easily using a lever located to the side of the chair. The footrest has 2 supporting positions each locked into place giving the user excellent support.


The gas assisted backrest of the chair is operated by simply leaning back on the mechanism, using the tension wheel on the side of the chair you are able set the amount of pressure required when leaning back to reach your ideal position, once in your desired position you can then lock the backrest using the tension wheel. This unique mechanism also combines the armrests that move with the chairs backrest motion.


  H cm W cm D cm
Small Narrow Width 99 78 84
Small Wide Width 99 83 84
Medium Narrow Width 105 78 86
Medium Wide Width 105 83 86
Large Narrow Width 113 78 88
Large Wide Width 113 83 88


Price: £1940