Gascoigne Designs – a privately owned family business with unfailing ambition to design and produce some of the world’s finest upholstered furniture.

Their portfolio of products is designed to facilitate individuality, so any item can be covered either in customer’s own materials (COM), or any fabric from the sumptuous and exclusive collection of internationally sourced fabrics, many of which have coordinated trimmings.

By utilising the time honoured skills of local craftsmen and women to create a luxurious and individually designed masterpiece that reflects personal character and style.

Gascoigne Designs has been working with top retailers and designers over the past three decades supplying both branded and private label furniture - all built to uncompromising standards.

At Hopewells we are very proud to relaunch this collection that proved a customer favourite in our store a decade ago. Now with exciting fabrics and new designs this collection is a welcome edition to our high quality sofa offering.

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to helping you.