Rosie Lee Set

Even the most beautiful dining room with the most stunning furniture is let down if it is not completed with high quality tableware. The example shown online represents the delicate, beautifully-crafted quality that we dedicate to our designs. However, if you visit our store you will find a much larger array of tableware available.

Many families have several sets of tableware for different sorts of occasions. For your ordinary, everyday meal, it is fine to use basic cutlery purchased from the local supermarket. This type of cutlery will stain and probably not look very shiny after a few trips in the dishwasher but it does not matter as it is only used for you and the family at home.

However, when you are entertaining guests the quality of the cutlery makes a big difference to the atmosphere of the event. Getting out the highly-finished knives and forks marks an important event and adds a touch of grandeur to any occasion.