Et cetera

Et cetera is an incredibly versatile collection that due to the sheer scale of possibilities will enable our designers to plan you a stunning display that will accommodate everything you need. You can choose from a variety of finishes and select doors to hide away less attractive items or open shelving where the items you are storing become part of the design.

Et cetera's elegance stems from rigorous anesthetic choices, as much in terms of its volumes as its finishes.

The structure of Et cetera is always in satin lacquer (white, argile or elephant). Fronts are either lacquered or Oak finish. The Oak is available in natural or black and 2 different looks; smooth-grained or sawn-effect. Our instore display is the sawn effect in natural oak finish.

A special shelving unit is also available which, being double-sided (unlike the rest of the items in the range, which are all single-sided and designed to sit against the wall), may be used as a room divider. This shelving unit is available H 1800 W 2130 and offers 5 levels of storage with either U-shaped lacquered niches or blocks of chests finished in smooth oak veneer.

Please consult with our Ligne Roset specialist or one of our interior designers and we will be glad to custom plan an Etcetera unit for you.

Please note: We are not permitted by Ligne Roset to show prices online. Our Ligne Roset display is one of the most comprehensive in the UK with a great representation across all product categories giving a true feel for the collection. We have trained Ligne Roset specialists on hand and along with our interior design service, you can be assured of getting the best for your home from this wonderful collection.


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