Henley dining table
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At Hopewells we are dedicated to producing beautiful furniture that is elegant, timeless, and hardwearing.

As you scroll through our dining collections you will find that we have a varied selection of furniture available to you. While each set of furniture is very different, they all share an immaculate finish.

The Skovby Collection is both practical and beautiful. The armless chairs enable several seats to be placed comfortably underneath the extendable table, which can be lengthened when entertaining and neatly shortened the rest of the time.

Our Neptune Collection includes a round table made of light wood, which can seat up to eight people. As well as an opulent aesthetic, the classical buttoned chairs with their wide base are luxuriously comfortable.

The tonal colours of the Winchester Collection match their light cushioning to perfection. The solid fruitwood is a timeless look which adds opulence to any room.

The Country Dining Collection can give those fresh sensations of the countryside to any house. The beautiful white cushions matched with light wood makes a light, refreshing look ideal for any kitchen or dining area.